Bebe 2pc Black & White Outfit

bebeDescription of Garment:

Black And White Two Piece Outfit

Manufacturer: Bebe

RN#: 86017

Care Label Instructions: ” Dry Clean Only”

Problem: When drycleaned in perchloroethylene, the black dyestuffs became fugitive and transferred onto the white portion of the top causing discolorations that cannot be corrected.

Responsibility: The manufacturer’s. Because of the solvent- soluble nature of the black dyestuffs, this outfit proved to be unserviceable when drycleaned in accordance with it’s care label instructions.

Recommendation: If the above-mentioned damage occurs when this garment is drycleaned as instructed by the care label, it should be returned to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange. We don’t have any data concerning the serviceability of this outfit in alternate solvents.

Drycleaner: Since there may be a potential serviceability issue concerning this garment, we suggest that a signed release of liability should be obtained prior to it’s acceptance for processing.


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