Baby Noiz

whitedownDescription of Garment:

White Down Jacket

Manufacturer: Baby Noiz

RN#: 98018

Care Label Instructions: “Dryclean Only”

Problem: The shell of this jacket contains a polyurethane coating. When this jacket was drycleaned in accordance with the care label instructions (in hydrocarbon solvent), the coating dissolved, causing the discoloration of the shell.

Responsibility: The manufacturer’s. Because of the solvent-soluble nature of the polyurethane coating, this jacket failed when processed according to care label instructions. Although we have no data as to the serviceability of this garment in alternative solvents, we are of the opinion that this jacket will sustain similar damage when processed in perchloroethylene.

Recommendation: If this jacket proves to be unserviceable when drycleaned as instructed by the care label, it should be returned to its place of purchase for a refund or exchange.

Drycleaner: Advise the customer that the above-mentioned damage may occur during the drycleaning process. Because of the possible serviceability issues concerning this garment, we suggest that a signed release of liability be obtained from the customer prior to its acceptance for processing.


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